Message from the Director

Welcome to Kisongo Teachers’ College. As a teacher training college, Kisongo Teachers’ College aims to offer training programs that will enable the graduates to respond appropriately to the knowledge that the student has acquired. In so doing, the graduate is expected to improve his or her understanding of issues in a holistic manner with an increasing alignment between his cognitive understanding, his personal frame of reference, and his behavior. Typically, learning would occur as new information, or the new knowledge behind particular skills, contrastively asserts itself over or against the existing frame of reference, producing a certain assurance, or displacing hitherto held notions and conceptions, or some combinations thereof, resulting in behavioral, value and attitudinal readjustments in a person.

Kisongo Teachers’ College is geared to provide students with a conducive environment for learning so as to increase their cognitive and motor domains as well as behavior enhancement. For me, that is what learning is all about and that, I hope, is what you are pursuing. Very likely, you have the opportunity and you are in an environment in which you could become your very best.

As teachers’ training college, we are obliged to produce knowledge and to continue to grow to the greatest heights in producing the best teachers for improving our education in the country and the world at large. Kisongo Teachers’ College will therefore, spare no effort to provide the necessary environment for learning. The staff of this college will ensure that all necessary tools for effective learning, such as, good dormitories, classrooms, cafeteria and library, just to mention a few are availed to the students. The availability of such facilities coupled with other requirements as required by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training as well as the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) makes this young college capable of providing high quality education in teacher education programs.This college which is guided by  highly educated people from various universities and other institutions  will continually build a strong academic reputation and we will strive to achieve academic excellence and for producing graduates of impeccable character and outstanding competences.

Students who are our partners in this long and extremely important learning journey are urged to consider that learning is a partnership between students and academics, administrators and support staff.

We wish you the very best wishes as you undertake to pursue our mission, “to learn to serve”.


Kisongo Teachers’ College has an Advisory Board that advises  the owners and management of the college on matters such as recruitment, police making, discipline and general development of the college. The College Principal is the secretary of the Board.

Director- Dr. Bakari Kaoneka- Tel. No. 0754 576346
Manager- Dr. Margaret Mollel- Tel. No. 0767 935261
Principal- Mrs Rose John - Tel. No. 0787525129