About Us

The College (KTC) provides a flexible package consisting of various trainings programmes based on approved syllabus of Tanzania. Students registered with this college are properly guided through lecturers, seminars and tutorials in relevant subjects to their choice with focus on enabling them to complete their programmes within the required time.

Currently we provide:

  • Ordinary Diploma in Primary Education
  • Diploma in Secondary Education
  • Certificate in Early Childhood Development Education
In addition to the above programmers, the college also provides the following courses
  • Pre—University entry orientation programs
  • Counseling and career development services to clients
  • Building confidence in public speaking and job-seeking interviews.
  • Tailor-made courses to suit particular or special needs
  • Pre—University entry orientation programs
  • Information Technology (IT) and
  • Various Computer Packages

Educational Quality Assurance

At KTC, our goal is to attain the highest learning outcomes possible. For this reason our education models are closely monitored by internal and external auditors who visit the college each semester to ensure that all programmes are conducted efficiently. The teaching approach is student-centered and therefore the students’  educational needs are fulfilled. The quality assurance method is embedded within all our educational practices leading to concrete steps for improvement.

Our Mission & Vision

To ensure that basic quality and affordable education is provided to all deserving students without discrimination.

Quality education through Quality Teaching and Quality Learning Environment.